Connecting the remote control app

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Connecting the remote control app

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A running QuizXpress quiz show can be controlled in different ways:

  1. The computer keyboard on the PC running the quiz show. For example press 'S' to show scores.
  2. The QuizXpress Director screen (part of the quiz player) on the computer running the quiz show.
  3. The QuizXpress wireless remote control (when using wireless keypads on the QuizXpress USB receiver).
  4. The QuizXpress remote control app on your mobile device.
This article is related to the QuizXpress Director app. The app for your mobile device can be downloaded from here:

Android: ... ssdirector


iOS: ... 1493187163

When starting the app, you first need to link it to the computer with the QuizXpress installation that you want to control. This can be done by scanning a QR code with the camara in the app. You can find the QR code on the QuizXpress computer, in Quiz Setup on the Mobile page. The app can be used to control several different QuizXpress systems when needed. You can add as many as you want to the list by scanning each PC's QR code.

Once you have the computer registered in the list you can start controlling it once a quiz is running on that computer.

There is however one important thing to keep in mind; as your quiz can run on different buzzerpad servers (e.g. or or on your local wi-fi network. You will need to tell the app where it should look. So, before connecting, go to the app's settings page and select the correct game server there or set it to local wi-fi if you are not using a quiz server.
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