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Posted: 06 Jan 2021, 14:30
by webconsultingguide
I am a new client of Michel, and I am trying to find out if we can do:

- groups like: France, Netherlands, Russia ...
- Then make a classification by group and by person.

- Is it possible to tell the software, I collect the first 3 groups and you give me the best of each group?

Thank you

Re: classification

Posted: 06 Jan 2021, 15:33
by gameshowcrew
Assuming you are playing with mobile devices you definitely can do this.

To define mobile groups:
  • Make sure you have the latest version from our website
  • Open Quiz Setup and go to the Mobile tab
  • You will find a button 'Groups' to define mobile groups
groups.PNG (57.03 KiB) Viewed 1042 times

Define your groups and save the settingsfile

Now when a player connects with the app or via he will be prompted to choose his/her group and the points will be averaged or summed according to your setting in Quiz Setup.

Re: classification

Posted: 20 Jan 2021, 11:51
by webconsultingguide
Hello Michel,
I thank you for your reply.
Who is clear and who will allow me to play the game.
Thank you