Appreciate a value

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Appreciate a value

Post by try2escape »

Hello everybody.

It would be great if you could appreciate a value. The closest participants will get the Points.

Greetings from Germany
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Re: Appreciate a value

Post by gameshowcrew »

Hello Lars, thank you. We agree this is a good addition and it is on our list. We will also add the abiltity to add multiple variations for the correct answer for full text questions (or maybe even 'fuzzy' matching) and also the ability to set a 'range' for numeric questions.


Approximation support for numeric questions - closest wins
Ranges and multiple correct on numeric questions, e.g "33-40" or "4,5,8"
Full text variations or fuzzy matching (for example based on word distance, see ... in%201965.)

Anything else we're missing?
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