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Bingo check by quizhost

Posted: 10 May 2023, 08:54
by boukekoning
Hi there,

I mailed this idea earlier, to keep track of it I thought it is a good idea to post it here as a feature request. Currently we are not using the bingofeature in QX. Resaon is we are not able to build tension when a player hits the BINGO button when the player thinks there is a valid bingo. As a quizhost we would like to have the option to reveal if it was a correct bingo. This way we are able to bring the player to the front or go to the player. And when the moment is there, we hit a button (next for example) to start the countdown and reveal if there is a correct bingo!

Hope this can be added, besides this the minigame looks great and we think it is a cool addition to our shows.

Hope to hear about this soon!