Ticket code (from tickets.txt): format & limitation?

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Ticket code (from tickets.txt): format & limitation?

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What are the allowed formats of the ticket codes in the tickets.txt file?

What are the limitations of these ticket codes? maximum lenght? special characters? ...

Thanks in advance

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Re: Ticket code (from tickets.txt): format & limitation?

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There are no restrictions on the ticket format. So they can contain numeric and alpha characters, upper and lowercase. When entering a ticket on the mobile app the regular (non numeric) virtual keyboard is used. It is advised to only use normal ASCII characters so no special characters like: 'é'

The maximum length of a ticket code is 32 characters but we suggest to keep it to 5 characters max as you don't want your players to type in anything longer.

More info on tickets can be found here: https://www.quizxpress.com/files/Tickets.pdf
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