How to force QuizXpress to use your dedicated GPU

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How to force QuizXpress to use your dedicated GPU

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Many modern laptops these days come with two video cards. For example an Intel on board card and a dedicated NVIDIA card. The Intel graphics card is used to save batteries and usually doesn't have a lot of graphics power. QuizXpress Live (the quiz show) is a DirectX application that benefits from running on a more powerful GPU (graphics processor).

When you own a laptop with an NVIDIA card you can force QuizXpress to run on your more powerful GPU by doing the following:

  • Locate and open the QuizXpress installation folder in Windows Explorer (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Game Show Crew\QuizXpress)
  • Look for the program named Quiz Show.exe
  • Right click the program and from the context menu select 'Run with graphics processor -> High-performance NVIDIA processor'
  • Locate the subfolder 'Plugins' and repeat the steps above for the programs Horserace.exe, Penalty_Shootout.exe and CupsAndBalls.exe
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Now QuizXpress runs on your most powerful GPU!

More info (also about AMD video cards) can be found here: ... ted%20GPU.
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