Can I change the transitions between slides ?

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Can I change the transitions between slides ?

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It is possible currently to have one, fixed transition for all slides.

If you would like to change this, it needs to be changed in the ‘skinning file’ of the quiz player (skinning is a process we support allowing you to change several aspects of the quiz player).

In short, please do the following:
* Find the skin.config file in the installation folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Game Show Crew\QuizXpress)
* Copy this file to the location %appdata%\QuizXpress (open Windows Explorer and enter %appdata%\QuizXpress in the navigation bar).
* Change the following line in the skin.config file:



Change "Random" to any of the following values: 'None', 'MoveRight', 'MoveLeft', 'MoveToFront', 'PageTurnLeft', 'ScaleToZero', 'LiftAndMoveRight'
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