How would QuizXpress differ from Kahoot, Crowdpurr or similar online platforms?

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How would QuizXpress differ from Kahoot, Crowdpurr or similar online platforms?

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QuizXpress aims to be an all-in-one multimedia Game Show solution offering the following benefits over other platforms like Kahoot:

  • Online as well as offline (onsite) usage (even with mobile app), where in the latter no Internet connection is required. QuizXpress runs as a native app on your computer and not in a browser. So when hosting a show at some remote pub, all you need is your PC and there are no depencies on the Internet.
  • In QuizXpress your brand is central. The system offers extensive branding support, allowing you to change not only the looks of the quiz questions, but also of the entire quiz player, the Smart Buzzer mobile app and we can even brand your wireless keypads. So it’s not ‘just another Kahoot’ to your players but you can present your own unique brand and game format.
  • QuizXpress offers additional, brandable minigames that can be mixed with your game show to further spice it up like: Virtual Horse Race, Guess the Card, Where's the Ball, Penalty Shootout and Bingo. It’s also possible to give away prices using the Wheel of Fortune or Randomizer ‘raffle’ module. See
  • QuizXpress has support for Letter, Number and Full Text questions, Wager questions, Fastest Finger, Last Man Standing rounds and diminishing points (allowing players giving an answerer quicker to score more points).
  • QuizXpress comes with a full graphical editor to design your quiz slides with lots of layouts, styles and formatting options. The other platforms usually have a fixed format to present your questions, limiting your creativity and ability to express your ideas and brand. These tools might be a bit simpeler to use but at the cost of flexibility and control. If you are familiar with tools like PowerPoint, QuizXpress Studio will surely feel natural to you.
  • QuizXpress has support for bonus points where the fastest top 3 players get a number of configurable bonus points and are displayed at the end of a question. Always gets the players at the edge of their seat as everybody wants to be on the screen 😉.
  • QuizXpress Director, available on the computer as well as an app for iOS and Android, allows the game host to have full control over the show seeing all questions, answers, notes, teams, points and responses. And when using the Director app on your phone you can move around freely and still control your quiz.
  • QuizXpress offers support for wireless keypads and various types of good looking hardware buzzers that can even be mixed with the mobile devices (using the same QuizXpress software). So when the world moves away from streaming and back to live events you don't loose your investment. Our wireless keypads are suitable for all ages so older folks without smart phones can participate as well.
  • QuizXpress supports up to 4500 players in one big quiz session or up to 2000 using wireless hardware keypads.
  • QuizXpress allows you to integrate your stage lightning rig with the game show using our DMX/MIDI interface.
  • With QuizXpress you can create bilingual quizzes so you can host your quiz for a mixed audience (for example French/English). Both languages are presented simultaniously on-screen in one view. No other platform offers this.
  • We offer great support and are always available for help. You can even call us or get remote support through TeamViewer. No big company will do that.
Any concerns or remarks? Please type your responses below.
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Re: How would QuizXpress differ from Kahoot or similar online platforms?

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I can only say that I tried a few others before I started to use QuizXpress.
This is by far the best software I used!
And yes, great service at all times!
It's Mind Over Matter... If you don't mind... I dont matter... :lol:
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