The best director view

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The best director view

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I would like to understand if there is a way to change the director view, in a way that the comments are better visible. We do a lot of onine quizzes and for a great view it would be better if the comments right below could be better visible. I know you can adjust the left and right part of your director screen, but how about the bottom right part? Can you move this up?

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Re: The best director view

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It is currently not possible to rearrange the 'questions' view other then switching between a horizontal/vertical layout. You can use the (+) and (-) buttons to make the font bigger/smaller in the notes view to make things more readable from a distance.

A better solution might be to install the QuizXpress Director mobile app on your phone. It gives you full control over the quiz from your phone and shows the details of each question and you'll have more freedom while presenting as you can freely move around. With this app there is no more need to be near your PC.

Android version: ... ssdirector

iOS version: ... 1493187163
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