Programming QuizXpress keypads and buzzers

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Programming QuizXpress keypads and buzzers

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If you want to renumber a keypad, or extend your set with additional keypads, you can couple keypads to your receiver with the QuizXpress Device Programmer tool.

The QuizXpress device programmer is accessible from QuizXpress Studio by going to the HOME tab > External button > Device Programmer.

Keypad Programmer in Studio.png
Keypad Programmer in Studio.png (79.05 KiB) Viewed 12336 times
Device Programmer.png
Device Programmer.png (45.05 KiB) Viewed 12336 times

In the Device Programmer application, take the following steps:

• Connect the receiver to the computer with the USB-HID cable
• Click 'Connect'
• In the field ‘Keypad to set’ enter the number that you want to assign to a keypad
• Click the 'Set Keypad' button. The yellow light of the receiver lights up indicating it’s in ‘programming mode’
• Now press and release the B button and the Hand button on the keypad. When you're programming buzzers, press the B button with the big buzzer button. Keep the big button pressed until it flashes.
• The green light of the keypad should now flash indicating it was paired with the receiver
• Now press one of the keys on the keypad to test it. The number of the keypad should appear onscreen.
• Go to the ‘Keypad to set’ field again and do the same for the next keypad(s) or buzzer(s).

After programming the keypads or buzzers make sure to close the application before running your quiz as only one application at a time can access the receiver.
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