Here you find the release notes for QuizXpress updates
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Version 7.0.3 (SR3) has been released 06/14/2022
7.0.3 SR3

ENH: added more slide preferences to be set in Studio (HOME->Options->Slide preferences)
ENH: now you an edit a Bingo slide in Director while the quiz is player (for example to change the Bingo patterns)
ENH: improved handling of answer correctness value when switching between multiple/single/ordered response mode in Studio
ENH: when editing the countdown time of questions during the show in Director, you can now also adjust the time with an absolute value as well
ENH: the delayed answering functionality can now also be operated manually. See the "Delayed Answering" form in Studio
ENH: extended the ticket system; you can now automatically assign players to a group based on their ticket and you can specify how many times a ticket can be (re)used
ENH: now you can more easily edit team scores for multiple teams in one go (new Edit scores button in Director, Teams tab)
ENH: updated the LAV Codec pack to the latest version (0.76.1)
ENH: players joining during the final score screen are now immediately disabled to prevent group scores changes
FIX: prevent saving the settings file with an empty mobile keypad string in Quiz Setup
FIX: when showing top-3 bonus points, now we no longer show the places for which 0 bonus points are assigned
FIX: when viewing a player's Bingo card in Director, the image would appear clipped on some screens
FIX: resolved several problems with the cups-, horserace- and penalty minigames on Intel UHD and Intel IGFX GPU's by upgrading to the latest Unity game engine

Version 7.0.2 (SR2) has been released 02/22/2022

ENH: Better support for multimonitor setups (monitors with different DPI settings)
FIX: Improved scoreboard rendering in QuizXpress 2022 skin and fixed rank indicator overflow when more then 1K players
FIX: Hiding the URL in PIN indicator did not work
ENH: Studio now shows a more informative message when launching a quiz while one is still running in the background
ENH: Studio now persists customizations to the ribbons Quick Access Toolbar
ENH: Preview form in Studio now shows background video still in slide background
FIX: Disabled sound fading for (older) existing quizzes to prevent unexpected side effects
ENH: Added option to hide stock backgrounds in Studio (START->Options->Other) so you have better access to your private collection
ENH: New welcome screen (open with Alt+F1 or from the VIEW ribbon)
ENH: New (downloadable) example quizzes accessible from the welcome screen or the 'Recent files' backstage menu
ENH: The wizard in Studio now supports setting bonus points for multiple choice questions
ENH: You can now hide a slide from the quiz by setting the 'Hidden' property in Studio, in the Advanced property grid
ENH: Added a context menu Quiz Show with commands to advance, open Director, close the application and toggle full screen
ENH: The default background image scaling mode for new slides is now 'Zoom' to properly maintain the image aspect ratio. You can change this in advanced properties pane: 'Background stretch mode'
ENH: When adding a picture/shape, the aspect ratio of the picture is now maintained when sizing. A 'Stretch' property is still available in advanced property grid
FIX: Various stability improvements and fixes for smaller issues being reported
ENH: In Director you now see the (optional) end-of-round action set for end-of-round slides
FIX: Intermediate scores not always showing on all mobile devices when using an end-of-round slide with show-scores action
FIX: Multiple correct answers now also work for 'First Letter' type questions, so when the correct answer is "Duitsland;Germany", both D and G are correct

Version 7.0.1 (SR1) has been released 12/15/2021

This is service release 1 with smal bugfixes reported after the release and some enhancements

ENH: Now you can set Bingo card center image also in the wizard
ENH: When a new version is reported it will now also be downloaded when clicking on the notification message
ENH: The Karaoke module is now visually in line with the other modules and a bug was fixed with the header message
FIX: In Studio the selection tracker kept the layout of the previous slide whena slide was deleted
FIX: The custom logo (when set) on the welcome screen was drawn too small
FIX: Exception in Bingo preview when not enough questions are present
FIX: Bingo wizard created the wrong text on the generated end of round slide

Version 7 has been released on 12/9/2021

The What's New document (PDF) with details about the new features can be found here:

https://www.quizxpress.com/files/QuizXp ... %20New.pdf

Version 7.0

ENH: Regular and Trivia Bingo support (with V1.6 of the Smart Buzzer app)
ENH: Support for multiple themes in the quiz player: 'Dark theme', 'TV Show' and 'QuizXpress Classic'. You can switch themes in Quiz Setup on the 'Screens' tab
ENH: You can now copy sound items between slides in Studio
ENH: Improved control over pictures (corner radius, border color, border width)
ENH: Videos can now be moved and resized on the slide.
ENH: A video can now be set as the background for the slide (select the video, open the properties grid and set 'Is slide background' to true)
ENH: Sound on slides is now fading in/out when started/stopped in the quiz player. When needed you can disable this behavior in the sound item's advanced properties.
ENH: New graphical slide styles (Music, Neon, Paper Sheets, TV)
ENH: New Quiz Wizard in Studio to speed up creating new quiz slides and complete rounds
ENH: New set of icons for desktop apps and minigames
ENH: New command button in QuizXpress Director to swap screens (Director <-> Quiz)
ENH: Improved visuals of the 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' style
ENH: Screen resolution is now set automatically and everything works better now on high DPI monitors (like 4K setups)
ENH: StyleMaker is enhanced and now part of the distribution. Its still an unsupported tool but with some tech/designer skills you can create your own slide styles now
ENH: When playing a video in Studio the playback time is now shown and you can pause/resume the video
ENH: You can now adjust the countdown time of questions while the show is running (in desktop Director -> Questions tab -> Adjust timing)
ENH: For full text questions you can now enter variations for the correct answer (to support different spelling) separated by a semicolon.
For example when setting "doughnut;donut" as the correct answer, both 'doughnut' and 'donut' are considered correct.
For numeric questions you can now enter an inclusive range like "80-90". All values in the range count as correct answer.
ENH: You can now specify the transition per slide in Studio (advanced properties grid, 'Transition' property)
ENH: Improved visual feedback while dragging slides in Studio (in the thumbnail panel).
ENH: Now you can automatically exclude players that have not responded to the last x questions. Quiz Setup -> 'Advanced' page
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