How to update your QuizXpress version

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How to update your QuizXpress version

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When a new version of QuizXpress is released, you will be notified when you start QuizXpress Studio.

First a Windows notification is shown for a few seconds, announcing the update and a permanent message will be shown in the statusbar (bottom of Studio screen) of QuizXpress Studio.

By clicking the first link in the statusbar, the new version will automatically be downloaded and the installation will be started when complete.

By clicking the second link, a browser window will open showing you the release notes online.

In pictures:

The sidebar popup:
upgrade2.jpg (414.62 KiB) Viewed 12209 times

The link to click in Studio:
upgrade.jpg (314.54 KiB) Viewed 12209 times

The download is about 500 Mb.
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