How to use color fonts in QuizXpress

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How to use color fonts in QuizXpress

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Using color fonts in QuizXpress 7.1.1.

Color fonts are a relative new technology for Windows introduced in Windows version 10. It has been available longer for designers using the Adobe toolset.

Some general information on color fonts can be found here: ... olor_fonts

There are also many places where you can buy high quality color fonts such as Envato Elements ... ts-DZ5BAUS

Color fonts are also used to render full color Emoji's in WIndows

In version 7.1.1 support for this font technology was introduced in QuizXpress for text shapes.

To use color fonts (for example to make appealing billboards) do the following:
  • Make sure you have the latest version of QuizXpress (7.1.1 or higher)
  • Download a free color font for example from here Usually the files are of type .ttf or .otf and can be installed by right clicking in Explorer and selecting 'Install' from the menu
  • Open QuizXpress Studio and make sure the downloaded font appears in the font picker on the HOME ribbon (note the font preview will show in black/white in the list)
  • Insert a blank quiz slide
  • On the INSERT ribbon click 'Text' and type any text you want to show
  • Go back to HOME ribbon and select a color font name from the font picker list
  • Now you probably want to make the font bigger and/or resize the text box on your slide until you have something good looking
  • To insert any Emoji characters set your cursor to the text input field on HOME ribbon, press Windows+. and pick an Emoji character
That's basically it! Have fun with color fonts!!!

ps do make sure to install the font on other computers where you want to run the quiz as well

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