Here you find the release notes for QuizXpress updates
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Watch the video with a short overview of the main features in V8

Or, click here for the What's New (pdf)

8.0.2 may 2024

ENH: support for Galaxy RGB buzzers (rechargeable buzzers with controllable RGB led built-in)
ENH: added option to hide the countdown clock for more suspense (see slide advanced properties)
ENH: added option to configure/force the UI language of the quiz player in the quiz file (Studio, FILE->Options)
ENH: several improvements in multiplayer Trivia Feud (for example: buzzerpad now presents multiple input fields and shows the correct/incorrect inputs)
ENH: you can now filter the list of available quizzes/playlists (name, type, date) in Quiz Center
ENH: added option to store geo coordinates in Analyzer output (enable in Quiz Setup, Analyzer tab)
ENH: buzzer mapping (keypads.mapping.xml) now also support mapping arbitrary devices to remote control commands
ENH: in multiplayer Trivia Feud, the timer will now stop when all players have entered their survey input
ENH: for Fastest Finger Trivia Feud you can now set the maximum time that the player has to answer after buzzing-in (a countdown will run). See advanced properties
ENH: added a command to pick two random teams to play manual Trivia Feud (from the Director control panel)
ENH: when using the Trivia Board you can now (automatically) show a banner slide after the question selected from the board.
FIX: various fixes & stability improvements based on V8 feedback
FIX: sound not starting if a slide has both video and audio and using delayed answering
FIX: when running a multilingual quiz on the secondary language (with command line argument -language=0|1|2), the slide would sometimes render in the primary language
RFC: snapshots will now expire after 4 days

8.0 january 2024

ENH: Support for new 'QuizXpress Torch' type buzzers.
ENH: AI powered quiz writing and image generation.
ENH: New minigame: Rock, Paper, Scissors - challenge the System with this Timeless Classic.
ENH: New minigame: Chrono Challenge, who has the best internal clock?
ENH: New minigame: Simon Says, repeat and defeat! Who has the best short-term memory!
ENH: Play the Wheel of Fortune TV format with the new manual control option for the Reveal Word Game.
ENH: New Trivia Feud Slide type - Engage in Survey-Based gameplay with a new twist.
ENH: Peek back in time with the new *live* analyzer view in Director.
ENH: New 'Speed Round' slide type: answer as many questions as possible in a set time spanning multiple slides.
ENH: Control the quiz player master volume from Director (new slider on Media tab).
ENH: Instant Chat: you can now initiate a chat session to all or a specific player in the Mobile tab.
ENH: Support for pictures and effects on the buzzerpad web buzzer (can be turned on/off in Mobile settings, Director).
ENH: Disable players on registration (waiting room). See Mobile tab in Quiz Setup to configure.
ENH: Hide on mobile property for slide pictures to control if a picture will show on mobile devices.
ENH: New center horizontal/vertical align tools in Studio.
ENH: Runtime Symbol Resolution: symbols for text fields (e.g [player1.name], [date], [pin] and more) so you can build custom scoreboards, show current PIN etc.
ENH: Steal Points, other players steal the set penalty points on a false answer (fastest finger type questions).
ENH: New end-of-round action: reset all scores.
FIX: Undo failed after deleting multiple items from a slide.
ENH: Now its no longer needed to first select the slide when pasting shapes, Word Game, chart etc. in Studio.
ENH: Its no longer needed to set the buzzersystem to 'Plus' for the new revision of the regular blue keypads.
ENH: new events in MessageBroker for Bingo (events: Claim Bingo, False Bingo and Bingo).
ENH: MessageBroker can now send UDP/OSC messages for score changes (for example to drive external score screens).
ENH: Excel export will export similar images (like backgrounds) only once now.
ENH: Support for video Bingo slides with a picture on the Bingo card as the correct answer (by adding a hidden picture shape on the slide).
ENH: when inserting an mp3 sound, the album art is read from the mp3 tags to replace the default sound icon.
ENH: new option for background videos (advanced properties) to make it behave like a regular slide video (e.g. stop when hitting buzzer).
ENH: improved readability of answer order indicators (for ordered questions).
ENH: added properties to adjust the size, color and position of the order indicator (for sorting questions)
ENH: support for importing Spotify(TM) playlists with 30 second music and album art using: https://watsonbox.github.io/exportify/
ENH: now you can set the number of decimals for the percentage indicator on a (slide based) response chart
FIX: sound effects (altering pitch/speed) no longer restart from start values after an incorrect fastest finger answer
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